Brussel Sprouts Sandwich From A Cozy Kitchen
From The Recipe @ A Cozy Kitchen

Their Recipe: Dijon Brussel Sprout Grilled Cheese

Our Wine Pairing Recommendation

Cartlidge & Browne North Coast Pinot Noir

To go with the brie, brussel sprouts and butter, we’re going with a light Pinot Noir. The Cartlidge & Browne North Coast Pinot was aged in stainless steel instead of oak, making the wine taste fresh and very easy to drink.

Wine Details

More About The Recipe

They Say: “If you’re searching for a relaxing dinner for one (or two or three – this recipe is easily expandable), look no further. This dinner is perfect for the have-no-time-category.”

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We Say: “This is a grilled cheese we never would have thought of, so we’re sure glad A Cozy Kitchen did. The wine went perfectly with the grilled cheese, cutting through the richness of the butter and the cheese perfectly.”

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