The Perfect Sangria Recipe [Illustrated Infographic]

We’ve gone on the record stating that rosé is the official wine of summer. We even highlighted a rosé that’s ideal for red wine drinkers. If you want some actual red wine, some of our favorite reds are even great when served chilled. Wine-based cocktails are another great way to enjoy wine during the summer and hands down our favorite summer wine cocktail is sangria (ok, according to Wikipedia, sangria is a wine variation cocktail).

So what makes for a perfect sangria recipe? The thing that’s great about sangria is that there are thousands of recipes out there, ranging from the traditional red wine-based ones to those using white wine and Cava. While we like to keep things classic with a Spanish red wine base (a Rioja with minimal oak aging to get specific), our ideal sangria does call for some untraditional ingredients. Check the illustrated infographic below to see what we think makes for a perfect sangria. We’ve included four optional additions/substitutions that allow you to tweak the recipe to your taste. In fact, our house recipe makes use of 3 of those 4 tweaks. Enjoy!

The Perfect Sangria Recipe Illustrated